The Department of Paintings Conservation is the oldest and largest department at our Center.

Staff conservators are skilled in treatments ranging from surface cleaning to paint-layer stabilization to the complete restoration of damaged artworks.  Conservators are available to train museum staff in safe handling, housing, and storage procedures: we advocate for preventative care and routinely conduct off-site condition and environmental surveys for various institutions and collections.


Conservators provide consultation and treatment of artworks including:

  • Traditional and modern oil-based paint
  • Modern and contemporary paintings
    • acrylics and water-based paint
    • color-field paintings
  • Egg tempera
  • Works on panel
  • Wall murals and frescoes
  • Theatrical stage backdrops
  • Reverse painted glass

Conservators consult closely with curators and collectors on special challenges and augment professional expertise with scholarly research, analytic imaging, and scientific analysis. WACC + AACC have prepared paintings for exhibition in major museums in America and Europe, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Musée d’Orsay, and Museo del Prado. The department works with institutions to perform condition assessments for individual paintings or entire collections. Such assessments become a vital resource for collections care, loan and travel requests, and grant applications.  Paintings conservators regularly collaborate with our other departments on projects that require multiple specialties and innovation for a uniquely tailored approach to the care of your cultural heritage.